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English is accepted as being the foremost language in the global business world.

Successful business on an international scale requires competence in the English language. Whether in the traditional trading and manufacturing countries or in newly developed economic areas it is almost impossible to do without it.

Obviously, in Germany, English is not the mother tongue nor is it commonly used outside of the workplace. It is, though, taught quite intensively as a first foreign language at school. Nevertheless, by the time its usage becomes important a lot of school knowledge has disappeared. In such cases employees will need some sort of coaching in the use of the English language in order to refresh and increase their knowledge and develop their confidence and business capabilities.

TopClass English Coaching can provide company employees with a good working knowledge of business as well as technical English that is customized to their working environment and help them become more confident and successful in their international business ventures.

The services offered fall into the following three categories:

  • Language Coaching
    Improve conversational, written and presentational skills
    Coaching sessions made-to-measure
    Group or personal coaching
  • Sales Support
    International tenders
    Sales negotiations
    Contractual agreements
    Trade fairs and shows
  • Marketing Support
    Language/Stylistical optimisation of Web sites
    Language/Stylistical optimisation of sales collateral
    Translation services (German/English)

The coach and owner of TopClass English Coaching is Johnny Glover.

Johnny was born and educated in England. After having been awarded a university honours degree (BSc) in electronics and electrical engineering he spent some time in Switzerland and Germany where he finally settled. The start of his career was focussed on the technical aspect of his formal education culminating in several years in technical support at one of the world's largest industrial computer manufacturers. For over 25 years Johnny has, since then, been in international sales working mainly for American and English manufacturers of industrial computer hardware and software and so-called mission critical products including a long spell of selling ERP systems into the German market. During that time he also founded and ran his own sales companies based in Germany.

The vast amount of experience and knowledge that he has gained is now being focussed into coaching sales and technical personnel in the use of the English language in international business.

If you have any requirements in this area please do not hesitate to contact me (Email).



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